Unicontrol to Integrate 3D Tech With Level Best Equipment

Level Best Precision Grading and Unicontrol have recently announced their collaboration. This team-up is anticipated to help the companies reach a wider range of customers and provide better products for them.

According to the press release:

In a strategic move aimed at advancing the construction and earthmoving sectors, Level Best Precision Grading has teamed up with Unicontrol, a company focused on 3D machine control solutions. This collaboration aims to improve the performance and usability of construction machinery by integrating Unicontrol’s 3D technology with Level Best’s equipment.

The collaboration seeks to deliver enhanced efficiency and accuracy in construction projects, leveraging the capabilities of both companies to address the evolving needs of the industry.

Mutual Benefits

By integrating Unicontrol’s 3D machine control system with Level Best’s precision grading equipment, this partnership aims to raise standards in machinery efficiency and usability. This integration allows customers to benefit from a more streamlined and accurate construction process, ultimately reducing time and costs while enhancing outcomes.

This collaboration ensures that operators have easy access to integrated and user-friendly technology, equipping them with the necessary tools to enhance job performance. This translates to faster project completion and improved accuracy for our customers across the construction and earthmoving industries, regardless of their level of experience with advanced technology.

Unicontrol and Level Best, united in their commitment to driving innovation and efficiency in the construction industry, aim to push the boundaries of construction technology, setting new benchmarks for excellence as the industry becomes increasingly receptive to these advancements.

“Teaming up with Unicontrol allows us to enhance the capabilities of our precision equipment,” said Bart Townsend, general manager of Level Best. “Integrated solutions streamline operations, saving time and resources and cutting costs while enhancing accuracy.”

“With our latest automatic grading solution for grading attachments, we’re not just pushing the boundaries of construction technology; we’re making it accessible to businesses of all sizes,” added Unicontrol CCO & Co-Founder Ehsanullah Ekhlas. “By offering an automatic grading solution at the right price point and with no training needed, we’re leveling the playing field, allowing more companies to compete effectively.”

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