Scandinavian Unicontrol set to disrupt 3D Machine Control market in Australia

Scandinavian Unicontrol set to disrupt 3D Machine Control market in Australia

Highways Today article – 5 April 2022

Unicontrol, a fast-growing disrupter of 3D machine control systems for excavators and wheel loaders, has entered the Australian market to provide a more competitive high-tech solution for companies using excavators and wheel loaders.

With short introduction times, competitive pricing, and straightforward fully customisable interface, Unicontrol3D is one of the market’s most user-friendly 3D machine control systems with pricing models at times half the price of others in the market.

“Companies are facing tighter cost controls, escalating supply chain pressures, and are seeking to get more from their technology,” said Ehsan Ekhlas, Co-founder and CCO.

The heightened demand for guidance technology in Australia is pushing operators and construction companies to seek easy to adopt machine control systems.

Unicontrol has signed Australian distributors, Kommand Machine Control in Queensland and Victoria, and RaptorTech in New South Wales and Western Australia for on-the-ground installation and distribution.

Delays and cost overruns post significant challenges on construction projects with the industry in Australia being severely affected by supply chain issues, rising labour costs and lack of user-friendly technology systems aimed at optimising efficiencies.

“The Australian market is faced with many challenges. Making a cost-effective, easy-to-use 3D machine control system available to construction companies will alleviate some of that pressure,” said Ehsan Ekhlas.

Unicontrol has experienced fast-growing expansion to 17 countries since 2021 including opening in regions in Scandinavia, Central Europe, the Baltics, North America, and now Australia.

This ambitious growth is why distributors Kommand Machine Control and RaptorTech are confident that the launch of Unicontrol in the Australian market will be pivotal to their customers success.

“Unicontrol3D provides exactly what the industry has been looking for – a simple and user-friendly 3D machine control solution at a price point that makes sense,” confirmed Gerald Kirkpatrick, Director at Kommand Machine Control.

Unicontrol’s investment in user experience is critical to uptake of their highly reliable 3D machine control solution.  In addition, acknowledging that not all contractors have similar needs with localised features and processing key.

“It’s clear that customers choose Unicontrol because of its user-friendly interface. I trained an operator this morning, and the feedback was that it’s an intuitive and easy-to-use system,” said Aaron Locke, Co-Founder of RaptorTech .

“We see immense potential in the Australian market,” Ehsan Ekhlas, Co-founder and CCO.

“In the past few months, 20 installations in the Australian market due to the high demand for a cost-effective solutions has seen the company escalate its expansion plans.

“The reputation of Danish developers in this space has been key, and the Australian market is largely untapped at this point.” Ehsan Ekhlas.


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