Hemisphere GradeMetrix VR500 Dozer

Kommand is pleased to introduce the GradeMetrix VR500 Dozer from Hemisphere. This system holds a unique place in the market due to its patented VR500 receiver system.

This new concept in receivers packages all the major components into the one SmartAntenna. In the one unit you have two antennas, a full constellation satellite receiver, radio, Bluetooth, and power management. You only have ONE cable to install to the receiver !! No more expensive and difficult cable looms to multiple receivers and modems !!

The VR500 comes complete with full satellite constellation capability. You are receiving data from all available sources including GPS (American), Glonass (Russian), Japanese, European and Chinese networks. You have the best possible coverage with this unit and pay no extra for this capability.

The solution is also mastless. This is achieved with high accuracy pitch and roll sensors mounted on the chassis and the blade, eliminating the need for your most expensive component, your satellite receiver, to be mounted on the blade like competitor solutions, where you receive the harshest levels of shock and typically break masts.

The system also comes complete with a modem built into the high-visibility screen. No need to purchase the modem separately to run NTRIP. The modem also makes remote support very simple as the screen is Windows based; you don’t need to use company specific (and costly) support subscriptions. We can support you easily using Teamviewer and similar applications, directly in the field.

Give us a call to see how this system can start making efficiency gains for you. Your operators can start working directly to the model. You can start saving on material and waste removal costs due to less overcut, and the efficiency gains get your work done significantly faster. And all this with a 3yr warranty on the major components.

With our finance packages we can have a system on your machine for less than $400 a week and installation can be completed in less than a day. How much do you spend a week on professional survey costs to replace pegs?

Call now to find out more.

Hemisphere GradeMetrix VR500 Dozer