Trimble TSC3 Controller

$390,000.00 plus GST

Trimble TSC3 Controller

Your rugged workhorse for site measurement, stakeout, and grade checking operations, the TSC3 gives supervisors, foremen, grade checkers and site engineers total control of site operations.

Whether you’re using a total station or a GNSS rover, the TSC3 controller gives you total control over on-site tasks. It is especially useful for:

  • Supervisors monitoring cut/fill progress
  • Grade checkers verifying grade and checking as-builts with a GNSS rover
  • Site surveyors setting out and maintaining control points

Features and specifications include:

  • A 4.2 inch, high-resolution LCD touchscreen display and alphanumeric keypad that make it easy to enter data
  • Integrated 3G modem that gives instant access to the Internet for receiving base station corrections, emailing and synching files
  • Integrated GPS and 5MP camera to collect site information for documentation and quality control
  • No Radio

Trimble TSC3 data controller

Limited 30-Day hardware warranty (conditions apply)