Power Module PM400

$300,000.00 plus GST

General description.

Rugged, power-conditioning module for on-machine applications
The Trimble PM400 Power Control Module delivers clean, conditioned DC
power for systems used on mobile machinery. The compact, standalone module
delivers load dump and over-current protection. Power control is implemented in
the module and managed remotely via electrical connection. Designed to the
toughest industry standard, the PM400 delivers even in the harshest conditions.
Conditioned 9 to 32 VDC – The PM400 Power Control Module delivers up to 3
separate circuits of conditioned power for on-vehicle systems. With peak current
of 15 amps on each circuit, a single module delivers power to spare. The PM
400 takes the spikes and surges out of a 9 to 32 VDC input and delivers smooth
9 to 32 VDC output.
Built to Last – The cast aluminum housing and rugged bulkhead connectors are
hermetically sealed against moisture and dust. Designed specifically to
withstand vibration, shock and temperature extremes the PM400 is built to
deliver reliable, long-lasting performance in the harshest on-machine

Standard Features

• 9 to 32VDC input/output
• Load dump and over-current protection
• Up to 3 separate output circuits (peak 15 amp each)
• Input connector – 8-pin bulkhead connector
• Output connector – 8-socket bulkhead connector
• Environmentally sealed enclosure
• Electrically switched on/off control


Power module PM400

Limited 30-Day hardware warranty (conditions apply)