Trimble MT900 UTS Machine Target

$580,000.00 plus GST

General Description

The Trimble MT900 Machine Target offers superior tracking and millimeter grade control accuracy on motor graders and dozers. A rugged 360-degree active target, it was designed specifically for fine grading application with Trimble GCS900 Grade Control Systems and the new Trimble SPS730 and SPS930 Universal Total Stations.

Features & Benefits

• 360-degree ring of infrared tracking LED’s allow the Trimble SPS730 or
SPS930 Universal Total Station to track the Trimble MT900 from any horizontal
location and up to 1:1 or 100% slope. There is no need to reposition the total
station to accommodate limited angles.
• 4 visible status LED’s allow the operator to easily confirm the target state.
• 16 programmable target ID’s means the associated total station will always
track the correct machine target, without risk of false target lock. It will not lose
productivity by straying to other moving machinery.
• Rugged design endures vibration and temperature extremes to guarantee long
life usage in even the toughest conditions.
• Communication over the industry standard Controller Area Network (CAN) for
use with the Trimble Grade Control Systems, so the target can be easily moved
from machine to machine, as needed.


Trimble MT900 UTS machine target

Limited 90-Day hardware warranty (conditions apply)