Kommand Machine Control – A different type of training

Technology can be a creeping jungle… stand still long enough and it will over run you and leave you behind.

It is extremely important that if we’re to harness the benefits of what tech can offer our industry, the end user (the operator) needs to be trained on how to use it effectively, and not in propeller head jargon either – in straight up language with hands-on learning.

Kommand Machine Control offers exactly that kind of training. A couple of months ago, I got invited over to check out Kommand Machine Control’s Brisbane HQ. Kommand sells, services, and supports a range of GPS solutions, specialising in mixed fleets from Unicontrol, Leica and Hemisphere to Trimble and Topcon.

What is unique about what Kommand are doing in the training space is they have recognised that most operators are kinaesthetic learners, meaning they learn by doing.

So, what have Kommand done? They have set up a little Kobelco SK17SR excavator, kitted out with a Unicontrol GPS system, that they can take to a customer’s site, sit the operators in the seat and while the operators are pulling the leavers, the Kommand representatives walk them through the system… brilliant!

Another benefit is that instead of tying up one of their customer’s excavators for training, the little Kobelco steps in and does all the heavy lifting as the training mule. This means that there are no production pressures being placed on the training, and the candidate gets more time to wrap their mind around the system, bonus!

Kommand are also working on a suite of bite-sized videos that they’ll be releasing shortly. They also offer onsite coaching with the company’s machine operators and FaceTime sessions to troubleshoot issues. They’re there to help you get on the job quickly and smoothly.

Kommand Machine Control really do live by their mission: To enable anyone that moves dirt to deliver finished results safer, faster, better, easier, and more consistently.

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