Its Not New, But We’ve Made it Simple.

Introducing…….Automatics for Blade Solutions. We’re thrilled to introduce Automatic Grade Control for Dozers by Unicontrol

What is Automatic Grading Control?

Unicontrol automatic grading control for dozers ensures accurate leveling with centimeter accuracy. It’s designed for exceptional effectiveness and intelligent, automated blade control that makes your work smarter, regardless of the experience level. Automatic grading control with Unicontrol 3D is your guarantee for less rework!

Key Benefits of Automatic Grading Control

  • 6-Way Automatic Blade Control
  • Joystick Integration
  • 3D Real-Time Guidance

Did you know? Kommand installed the first ever John Deere Automatic Dozer install from Unicontrol in the world!

Unicontrol founder Ehsanullah Ekhlas was on hand live.