How To Video Guides – Unicontrol

Welcome to our Unicontrol Video Guides page by Kommand, where you can find a variety of helpful video tutorials to get you up and running with the Unicontrol platform.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for basic instructions or an advanced user seeking more complex features, our comprehensive video library covers everything you need to know.

Welcome to the Unicontrol Video Series

Let our video series guide you through setting up the Unicontrol system.

Excavator Walk-around

Cam shows us arround the Kommand demonstration excavator, equipped with Unicontrol!

What’s in the Box and How to Fit It

Dwayne shows us the components inside the Unicontrol box (Tablet & Aerials) and how to set them up when operating in the field.

How to Upload Files to your Tablet

Lachlan outlines the process for uploading files to your tablet.

Upload Files to Cloud via PC

Lawson shows us how to login into the Uncontrol Cloud via the Kommand website and upload files to a project.

Upload Files via USB

Cam shows us how to upload files from a USB stick via USB C to the Unicontrol Tablet.

How to Connect to Base Station

This guide will show you how to connect to the Unicontrol base station on site.

Setup & Measure New Bucket

Cam shows us how to create a new bucket via the Unicontrol table and input the bucket measurement values.

Check Machine Accuracy

Ange shows us how to determine machine accuracy by using the Unicontrol benchmarking feature.

Add & Remove Points

Gerald guides us through the process of creating a new point and adding/removing it from a design.

How to Apply Vertical, Horizontal & GPS Offsets

Nathan shows us how to input GPS Offsets via the tablet.

How to Change Radio Settings

Nathan shows us how to change radio settings including frequency and channel spacing via the Satel UHF Radio Modem.

Best Practices for Docking and Undocking the Tablet

To maintain the expected lifespan of the RAM® Powered Docks and their pogo pins, follow these tips and tricks when docking and undocking your Samsung Tab Active3 tablet.